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The Winning Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves are the oldest continuously running team in Major League Baseball. They first got their start in the 1870s as the Boston Red Stockings and did not become known as the Braves until 1812 when they changed their name for the fifth and final time. 

The 1914 team known as the “Miracle” Braves is considered one of the most famous teams in the history of professional baseball. Beginning the season in last place, the Braves made an amazing comeback to win the season and the World Series that year. Sadly, that was to be their last winning year for some time. Fan support fell and eventually the team was moved to Milwaukee after 82 years in Boston, shocking some but meeting with unanimous approval from the owners of the National League. 

The move to Milwaukee seemed to reinvigorate the once successful team and they won NL Pennants in 1957 and 1958, with a World Series win in 1957 as well. Unfortunately, the success once again did not last and fan support wavered prompting the owners of the team to begin looking for somewhere to move the team. After several injunctions, court battles, and appeals between the team and the city of Milwaukee and state of Wisconsin, they were finally allowed to move. 

In 1966, the Milwaukee Braves became the Atlanta Braves we know today. Once again the move seemed to invigorate the team and they began winning games again much to the delight of their new fan base. They won five West Division titles before moving to the East Division and winning 11 of those titles. They have also won five National League Pennants and one World Series since their move to Georgia.

In their long history, the team now known as the Atlanta Braves has had 44 players and ex players inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Fourteen of those were inducted as Braves, although not all showed insignia on their caps or wore team caps for their official pictures. They also have one recipient in the Hall of Fame who received the Ford C. Frick Award as a broadcaster for his contributions to baseball.

With such a long history, the Braves have obviously had many stadiums in several towns, but their current home is Turner Field. The stadium was completed and opened in 1996 for the Olympic Summer Games that year and was converted into a ball field after the games were over. Costing 209 million dollars to build, the stadium seats more than 50,000 people with 59 luxury suites and three party suites included.

Before the start of the 2005 baseball season the stadium underwent major renovations. A large video display was installed and made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest high definition video board at the time. Also added were a large Coca Cola bottle with a high definition LED screen around the label, and the hundred foot tall replica of Hank Aaron’s 715th home run ball.

With a history as long and interesting as that of the Atlanta Braves, they are probably one of the best known teams in the league. There have been rocky times as well as great times but in the end, the fans love the Braves. Whether on their field or someone else’s, you are guaranteed a great game with plenty of excitement.

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